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Your path to success: become a franchisor with La Relocation

Welcome to the world of opportunities with La Relocation. Are you ready to transform your professional skills into a successful entrepreneurial career?

Our franchising program offers a unique and flexible opportunity, perfect for those aspiring to leverage their abilities in a stimulating entrepreneurial journey.

By joining us, you’ll have the chance to embark on your franchising journey with a customizable formula tailored to meet your needs and ambitions.


With La Relocation, you're never alone.

You will be supported by a dedicated team at every stage of your journey, from initial planning to expansion and beyond.

Our international network will open doors to limitless opportunities, allowing you to grow, learn, and thrive in a dynamic and global environment.

Are you ready to take the leap and become part of our expanding family? Discover how La Relocation can turn your entrepreneurial dream into reality.

This introduction is designed to be motivating and informative, emphasizing the uniqueness of the franchising opportunity offered by La Relocation and the ongoing support the company provides to its franchisors. If you desire any changes or adjustments, I’m here to assist you!


Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more! Send an email to and book a 30-minute video call with one of our Franchising Managers.

It’s your time to ask questions, get clarification, and see firsthand how we can grow together. We look forward to hearing your ideas and exploring the extraordinary opportunities that our franchising has to offer!


What are the requirements to become a Franchisor of La Relocation?
Ecco una lista delle qualità che cerchiamo
  • Ami stare a contatto con la gente
  • Sei portato al lavoro indipendente e sei ben organizzato
  • Hai un’attitudine naturale per la risoluzione di ogni genere
  • Provi piacere nell’aiutare il prossimo
  • Ti piace condividere informazioni e dare suggerimenti
  • Conosci bene il territorio dove vivi e hai una buona rete di contatti
  • Hai una forte conoscenza della realtà immobiliare della tua area geografica
  • Hai interesse verso le altre culture e le rispetti
  • Hai domestichezza con la lingua inglese o altre lingue
  • Non hai carichi pendenti o procedimenti penali in corso
  • Hai un diploma superiore e un’esperienza professionale alle spalle
  • Hai una perfetta padronanza della lingua inglese
What support does La Relocation offer to its Franchisors?
  • Appropriate and continuous training program
  • Operational support manual
  • Operational and startup consultancy
  • Customized web and marketing (3 months of dedicated promotion)
  • Comprehensive and dedicated management / system setup
  • Corporate Identity
  • Contractual framework
  • Profit and Loss / Business Plan development
  • Continuous support and mentoring for 30 non-consecutive days throughout the year
What is the initial investment required to start a La Relocation franchise?
  • Entrance fee, including affiliation and first-year startup: CHF/€ 40,000-120,000 per dedicated geographical area
  • Financing possible upon request (criteria established based on territory and referenced services offered).
  • Possible national territorial exclusivity upon request.
  • The investment budget for the first year is elaborated based on the referenced territory.
  • Further information is available after the initial contact through our Franchisor Manager

Contact Us

Contact us for any information.


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Address: Via Cantonale 15, 6815 Melide