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Private Relocation

Moving a family unit is often a complex and challenging experience.

Relocation offers family office services in Lugano to simplify the process and support the family at every stage of the relocation.

From babysitting, dog sitting, concierge and home cleaning services, to language courses, residence permit, Swiss visa for non-EU citizens, and handling of administrative procedures, we are ready to offer complete and personalized assistance.

How does it work ?

To guarantee you the best possible support, we invite you to contact us for an introductory meeting or video call.

Our team of expert Relocation Managers will analyze your needs and plan the transfer in every aspect, including the search for the ideal home, general administrative procedures, and integration into daily life.

Our goal is to accompany you at every stage with dedication and support.

Private Relocation

Analysis and planning

Relocation carries out a careful analysis of the needs and peculiarities of each family member to plan the transfer effectively and safely.

Search for ideal home

We identify the geographical areas best suited to your needs and organize the search for the ideal home on your behalf, thanks to a network of collaborations in the area.


General administrative practices

Relocation takes care of all the administrative and bureaucratic practices related to the transfer, accompanying you step by step.

Lifestyle Management

Relocation offers Lifestyle packages with which you can access a whole series of dedicated services such as concierge service, home concierge, Property Management and home restyling designed specifically to help you recreate a harmonious daily life.

Our packages are flexible and customizable, and also include services such as dog sitting, babysitting, driving license exchange, nursery and much more.

Consult our brochure

Consult our brochure