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Who We Are

Relocation is the ideal partner for a peaceful and immediate move abroad!

It offers tailor-made solutions for those who want to successfully complete a corporate relocation or to and from Switzerland.

Our relocation services are guaranteed almost all over the world.

Thanks to decades of experience gained in the sector both in the corporate and private sectors, as well as a consolidated collaboration with important professional companies in the Ticinese area, the owner and founder Laura Poggioli has given life to a concept of sensitive and attentive relocation service , through which ideal professional objectives are achieved for achieving effective, peaceful and definitive integration.

The La Relocation staff, in addition to guaranteeing maximum professionalism and knowledge in the sector, will follow you carefully even once in the area through targeted assistance packages that you cannot do without

Our team

The LA RELOCATION Team is a group of professionals with expertise developed in international contexts, extensive knowledge of corporate needs, and family dynamics related to relocation. They share a passion for what they do and demonstrate care each day to facilitate all phases of the relocation process.

Laura Poggioli

CEO & Founder

Alina Barbarasa

Lifestyle Manager

Diego Bianchini

Property Manager

Sara Iannone

Lifestyle General Manager

Sara Caiola

Administration & Permit Office

Raffaella Alberio

Relocation Manager

Matteo Taheri

Corporate Strategic Director

Carla Marotta

Lifestyle Agent

Ciro Steffen

Car Care Manager

Valentina Baldassa

Lifestyle Support

Sabrina Galli

Lifestyle Agent

Selenia Rompini

Lifestyle Agent

Contact Us

Contact us for any information.


+41 (0) 91 210 89 30

+41 (0) 79 464 00 51

Address: Via Cantonale 15, 6815 Melide